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You can’t travel abroad without traveling around!

Venturing through neighboring country Belgium

So far my study abroad experience has been quite the adventure! Not only have I started my academic program at the Psychology and Neuroscience Department but I have also had the opportunity to travel to Belgium this week.

I feel like one of the best things about studying out here in Europe is their transit system. The transit system in my opinion is way better than back home. I was able to travel to Brussels, Belgium for the day, explore around and travel back to Maastricht way smoother than I was expecting.

Journeying through Belgium

On the way to Brussels we must first stop in Liege, Belgium; well actually if you plan to travel anywhere south or east of Maastricht you have to transfer through Liege.

Liege is actually a beautiful little city with a river running right through the middle. We actually stayed while and walked around Liege. Liege is full of intricate structures and reminds me a bit of San Francisco with all the modern architecture. Definitely looking forward to exploring more of Liege next time I stop through soon way to travel to a new place in Europe!

The Grand Plaza of Brussels Central

Made it to Brussels Central! After a nice train ride through the country side we made our way to the heart on Belgium!

Brussels is such a beautiful place! Unfortunately we came on a day where all the museums were closed but it did not stop us from exploring around checking everything out. The architecture in Brussels is so beautiful reminds me of Gothic style architecture with a bit of Roman style architecture it was all quite beautiful. We passed by this huge beautiful church that was actually one of the oldest churches in the area! Inside was so beautiful and the stained glass windows amazing! Definitely a treat to check out the beautiful art hidden within the city. We also traveled through the narrow roads checking out all the different restaurants and little shops we even stopped to enjoy a traditional Belgium meal.

We explored around the grand plaza through the heart of Brussels and WOW it was so beautiful! It was really amazing to see all the history preserved in this beautiful little piece of Belgium. It was really awesome to explore and experience the Belgium culture traveling through the cobblestone paths taking it all in. Next time I will have to come back when all the museums are open so I can check out the beautiful Belgium art!

Before heading back to Maastricht we stopped at a lil chocolate shop to pick ourselves up some yummy Belgium chocolates. They are so good! The truffles are my favorite. I will definitely be making a trip back to Brussels before heading home so I can bring back some yummy Belgium chocolates for my family and friends. Have to share this awesomeness with others!!

I look forward to exploring more of Brussels and Belgium next time I travel out this way! I definitely need to come back and travel more maybe even stay a night!


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