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Adventures in The Netherlands (Holland)

Entrance to the Magisch Maastricht holiday event

Magisch Maastricht!

This week was full of adventure! My study abroad friends and I got to check out the holiday event celebration that they hold every year here in Vrijhof. They are so festive out here and when I say festive I mean FESTIVE! Lights everywhere when I say lights I don’t mean just multicolored Christmas light I mean intricate structures with lights wrapped around them. Arches made of lights through the streets, a huge tree in the middle of the Markt, and at the holiday festival they had a huge star made of lights, one of the entrances had a huge ornament ball structure made of lights! The little festival was like a Christmas fair there was a Ferris wheel with a beautiful view of Maastricht and surrounding areas, I got to snap a beautiful picture of the sun setting from the top of the Ferris wheel. There was also ice skating which we got to do it was kind of different than the ice skating back home mostly tho because there was a huge Christmas tree right in the middle of the ice rink. It was actually really cool though because there was also these little animal sleighs so I was pushing my friend on one while we skated around it was so fun! 

We all got some hot coco and hung out enjoying the moment and our adventure coming to an end soon. It has been such an awesome adventure and it’s not over yet still some time left to enjoy!!

Amsterdam Light Festival!

I had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful city of AMSTERDAM for the Light Festival! If you can’t tell by now I am a BIG fan of lights!! I love lights so much and sculptures made out of lights is even better!! This years theme is extra special as artists made pieces that depict the ways in which humans are disrupting our natural environment. The name of this years theme is DISRUPT! There was a piece called Atlantis which consisted of different little constructed buildings from some of the biggest cities in the U.S. It wasn’t just the structures themselves that made it interesting. The structure was constructed literally in one of the canals as if the little mini city was slowly becoming submerged in water, a fate that is all too real with the rising in sea levels due to climate change. There was also a piece constructed in a canal with submerged structures of cars and street lights as if the canal was once a street that had become flooded and now was abandoned submerged in water. My favorite was a piece called Nothing Holding Us Back it was a bunch of LED light tubes arranged in a way that made it look like it was an explosion of light! It was so cool it was also raining that night so the water particles in the air was soaking up the light it made it look even more explosive! I really loved that piece. There was another piece called Order/Disorder it was different hoses constructed to look like rings of Saturn or Jupiter rotating like the delicate processes of an atom. It was really cool I loved the construction and tho it did move when the wind was blowing unfortunately it wasn’t working as planned so the rings were not rotating regardless it was cool!

I really admire all the pieces they were so beautiful and I loved the theme it was an overall good experience, check out the pics for the other awesome light structures I got to see!!


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