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Brain Dissection Before a Weekend Adventure in Copenhagen

Outside gate of one of the Maastricht University buildings where I have my classes

After spending a few days super sick I finally am able to share my adventures from last week!

Sheep Brain Dissection

Sheep Brain Dissection

After spending a few days super sick I finally am able to share my adventures from last week!

This week for my Developmental Neuropsychology class we had a field trip to the Neuroscience labs for our practical. The practical consisted of the dissection of a sheep brain where we were able to see the different structures inside the brain and learn how to make different incisions and different “slices” of the brain.

I really love my Developmental Neuropsychology class, the brain to me is such an interesting part of the human body that makes us uniquely highly intellectual beings the way that we are. The brain is such a beautiful organ and just the whole electrical and chemical processes within these structures that make up our movements, cognitive processes, physiological responses, emotional response and just the overall function of our bodies is amazing.

Learning about the brain has been both empowering and a bit discouraging at the same time. My class is about the developmental processes of the human brain and its functions as well as learning about the different ways the human brain can be altered or adversely affected.

I have decided to focus on the effects of solitary confinement on the adolescent brain mainly how solitary confinement can alter the structure and function of the human brain. I will go more into detail about this when sharing about my final project.

Adventures in Copenhagen

Me and Green George in Christiania, Freedom Town

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a solo trip to explore Copenhagen. I was drawn to this beautiful city to venture out and find the Forgotten Giants which are works of art constructed entirely out of recycled wood by Thomas Dambo and volunteers. This giants are dispersed all around the different municipalities of Copenhagen. I was able to find one Forgotten Giant in this trip, Green George, as they are all very spaced out from each other.

I LOVE ART and the different artistic creations made by different people from all different walks of life. This big guy Green George I feel represents the beauty and distraction of nature at the hands of humans and the power of Mother Nature.

Freedom Town: Christiania

The big art lover that I am always inspires me everywhere I have the opportunity to explore to always try and find the art scene. The art works made by local artists and the expressions of their souls manifested through a physical representation for others to connect with and admire.

The beautiful neighborhood of Christiania also dubbed Freedom Town was just that a town so free and full of art I felt so at home!

There was art of everywhere! Art filled buildings inside and art there was a beautiful art gallery that I visited and picked up a few art pieces at. I loved Christiania so much I visited 3 different times! I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to explore and really get to experience and immerse myself in the Danish culture. I hope to have the opportunity in the future to visit once again beautiful Christiania!

Night Adventures in Tivoli

The night before my departure I visited one of the most beautiful amusement parks I have ever been to!

I am a BIG FAN of lights especially when the whole amusement park was FULL OF LIGHTS everywhere on buildings, the rides, the hallways it was such a magical experience! It really felt like the holiday spirit just embodied in that little piece of heaven!! 

Not only did I get to venture around exploring this beautiful park but I got to capture such beautiful moments with my film camera that I am looking forward to developing back home!

It was great being able to take a weekend to explore before beginning on my final projects next week and getting ready for my last final exams here in Maastricht before heading back home. 

Came across this beautiful work of art on a busy Copenhagen street

More to come next week!


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